Philips Smart TV 47PFL6008S

Here’s my tips if you just bought a Philips Smart TV 47PFL6008S or thinks of buying it.

Just bought a new Tv on sale, since the new 2014 models are comming up soon.The 47PFL6008S is a late 2012 TV, but I wont buy the top of the line, due to the rapid evolution in Smart TV’s at the moment.

It got a great design, kinda minimalistic, great screen, and at a fordable price.

The smart TV feature sucks big time, but not something I miss, since I have my Raspbmc for media content, streaming from my NAS.

The Philips Remote can control the Raspbmc when viewing it through HDMI. Think its the “Zeroconf” feature but what a fantastic feature.


Heres my tips that I have learned in these four days on good side and bad side:


  1. Test to see if your TV is new! When on channel, press 123654 to see the installation date. Press 062596 and info to see running hours etc. If It aint working try again, I had to try multiple times to get it working.
  2. When you have searched and adjusted the channels and favorites, deactive the automatic channel search, else it will delete your favorites.
  3. Dont update the firmware if you dont have any problems or missing feature. the 173.46.00 update made the TV go for standby continuesly every 2 minute. Ended up disconnecting powercord for 5 mins and ended up with lost channels, but standby problem solved.
  4. The screen can be adjusted in many ways but its not at all easy, and very frustrating when you want to avoid some of that amateur contrasts TV’s have these days. My hollywood movies are preferred looking like hollywood!
  5. Go read Philips support forum, you will be alot smarter on your TV – google it, something like
  6. Stay away from the Smart TV function, its too slow, buggy, and somehow utterly useless,what you see is not what you get.
  7. It cant record to USB sticks, only External harddrives.
  8. Though it can use USB sticks to pause channels. Beware the Stick must have a certain speed, mine failed!
  9. The USB sticks are formated XFS fileformat, so forget about playing it on windows. But hey I’m a linux guy so who care.
  10. 3D Stereo (HSBS) works fine, but the passive glasses only works with side by side 3d (HSBS), and not but by Top and bottom (TAB). The TV supports it different kinds so I suspect the active glasses can handle both types?
  11. It got a SAT receiver but cant control motorized SAT’s. Havent tested SAt since I have cable.
  12. When searching for channels (DVB-C) it buts all its finding in one list including analog and radio channels. Its great so i dont have to switch sources to see different types.

When all this is said.

I like my TV, its good for its value.  And combined with my Raspbmc media center its how a smart Tv should be.