DIY Playseat – racingrig

After I have posted my DIY racingrig on the Project C.A.R.S forum, a few dozen have asked for the drawings, now I’m publishing it here for every one. Sorry there aren’t so many pictures but didn’t know it became a “guide”.


Last year I bought myself a great Logitech G27 steeringwheel. but soon I started to be jealous on all those racing rigs out there.

I found the expensive Playseat, where you almost are lying down as if it was a formel car or a le mans racer.

Its too expensive for my budget so started to mess around to see how I could build something like that.

First of I found a used, very cheap “racing” car seat.

I then tossed some wood together to find out the angles and placements of pedals, seat, and steeringwheel.


Alot of adjustments and replacing it over and over again made me think at a racingrig should be some though of adjustable.



I then began to draw it up in 3d, and quickly I figured out how it could be adjusted easily, within limits.

Here’s my initial 3d drawings:

racingseat4racingseat5 racingseat2 racingseat3

And with a 3d skeleton with my height, just to see if I got the dimensions correct.




Now that the design was defined, It was time to convert the 3d to actual wood.

I flattened the shapes and imported it to Qcad and then made them 1:1 scale. Saved it to pdfs and printed them as “posters”.

When doing so, it’s simple to lay them on MDF wood and tape them together and use it for cutting guidances.

2d  “A4 format” pdf’s print as posters:










When cutting two identical parts, its impossible to make them identical, but after cutting them, just align them next to each other and sand them into same shape.


Assembling and testing




And final touches

Paint, “floor”, holder for gearshift (only uses the buttons)






It even fits in the room when not using it.




112 thoughts on “DIY Playseat – racingrig”

  1. Nice rig.. .how about the rest of the pdf’s (holder for the pedals and steeringwheel) and other measurements (width, height etc)

  2. Hi Thomas,
    it most certainly is a nice rig. What are the overall dimensions (length, height, etc.) of the sidepart and wheelbase. I’m unable to print out the pdf’s as posters! 🙁



  3. If you look at the wireframe picture.
    Each square is 10x10cm, then you have an idea of scale.

    But you can print the pdf in a poster format. Its called “poster” in Adobes pdf reader.

  4. nice idea, because i have a bad lower lumbar due to bike accidents, my back favors the similar tilt back instead of 90 degree. thank you for the pdfs i been searching endless hours trying find something like this. its appreciated

  5. you’re welcome.

    I kinda wish I had some seat rails to move seat back and forward to fit others. It would be easier than adusting the screws for the pedal etc.

  6. Hi
    Can I use it as base of my simulator?!
    Many Thanks

    Can you please send me your email address or other way of contact, Facebook or something… Thanks

  7. Hi Thomas
    I just found your seat plans and they look great, from the flat plan I’d say your about 6ft is that correct?
    Also wondered where you got the seat from, it looks great too. The whole set up looks very professional and much better than those on sale elsewhere. I want to build one because it looks good not because it might be cheaper
    How easy is it to adjust seat height and angle as I think I might need to adapt it for a more GT position.

  8. Hi Donald,

    if you take good look at the rear the seat plan is adjustable for a more level position. But its only your fantasy on how you want yours to be customable.

    The seat height is more tricky but you could just make the “bracket” higher…. One thing that I miss, is seat rails, for when I have guests logner than me. It would have been easier than adjusting the front.

    The length of the seat, count the cubes, 10 cm each.

  9. Bonjour Thomas

    It will be the best Christmas gift project I ever had for my daughter.
    It’s very very nice from you give us the drawings online.

    From France Merci

  10. Bichon, you are wellcome, I like when others share their ideas or solutions so this was one I could share.


  11. Renanda, what do you mean specificly about electrics? you can see in some of my other posts about my steering wheel build from an old usb controller but thats not a good solution, better to find some arduino solutions like Simhub’s

  12. Many many thanks to share us this project and the on scale plans.
    You re the boss!!!
    Cheers from Belgium

  13. Hi,
    I love your setup..I will try do something similar this week…just a question: how thick is the mdf you used? I want to have enough resistance ..

    Thank you

  14. its 18mm, good enough for a normal steering, but dont think it will withstand a directforce wheel.

    when pushing my wheel to one side it moves about 1cm. In my opinion not something I feel at all.

  15. Hi Thomas,thank you for the previous answer. As I said I’m building one myself using your setup..I’m just having trouble bolting 19mm mdf together..(it cracks) Did you use something special as screws?


  16. Looking great, thx for sharing your result. and Im glad you could use the drawings.

  17. @Manuel

    sounds strange, should not happen with 19mm, are you trying to bend it?

    My “rounded” topplate is only a 6mm crosstree plate, with multiple support under it. Is it this one you have trouble with?

    else send some pictures ( tvj @ vgraphics .dk )

  18. Hi, I’m wanting to build a DIY sim rig for myself aswell. My only problem is finding the template. I’ve downloaded your PDF file but can’t figure out how I should print them to fit A4s. Can you help me? Thank you

  19. Hi Thomas,

    I wish to make one and I have a CNC machine at work 😉 could you send me the dxf drawing so I can nest it on the machine to your sizes 👌

  20. Hi Dirk
    I forgot to look for it last night.
    have you tried converting the pdfs to dxf?
    From work I just tried with but cant check the result if it did it correct.

    Else you have to wait till I get home and remembers to look for the dxf file.

  21. Hi Thomas.
    I did mine. Your project is easy and very good. One sheet of MDF and a used seat. Yes $ 50 and haver it. Thank you Thomas.

  22. I’m glad you found it useful. It always makes me happy to hear it’s useable to others. Happy racing.

  23. This is what I have been looking for, I’m so great full to land here, it’s really expensive to buy a simulator,but with this info and a few items gathered here and there,the trial is worth every effort, thanks for paving a way, above all, gladly sharing this DIY project

  24. Hi Thomas,

    I would like to build one for my son. Do you have a PDF with the sizes (cm or inches) Many thanks.

    Kind regards,

  25. Hi Raimond

    The pdf is in 1:1 scale, but if you look at the CAD picture with the squares, each square is 10×10 cm. So the buttom part is about 130cm long. But download the pdf and print it to A4 or letter paper as poster in 1:! scale then you know the size of it.

  26. Sorry for the typos…And then if you want it a little bigger scale up the print…

  27. Ok super, i was a bit to quick with reading. And i see when i open the pdf’s in illustrator, i measure the actual sizes. But if it possible to receive by e-mail the CAD files, cause we have a laser, and its better for the files. Many thanks!!

  28. Hey!

    Nice rig, I want to build this to my son, do you think it will fit him, if he’s around 130-140cm, or do I have to do a smaller version?


  29. I’m 170 and you can still adjust the pedalbase etc. You can even make the seat higher if you want so, don’t think you need to down scale it.

  30. Hey, do you think it would be possible to mount a monitor with a desk mount right behind the steering wheel? Would the rig be able to hold that weight, say of a 32 inch monitor?
    I plan on creating a similar rig thanks to your designs. Was modeling on blender to see how it would turn out and ended up getting carried away with it and created an animation haha. Let me know what you think.

  31. Hi Danny, great animation. It can possibly hold a 32″ monitor, but it depends how sturdy you build the holder. Maybe make it 3 legged. But some make their monitor stand free from the rig to avoid rumble from the rig.

  32. Oh, it makes sense, all the vibrations and movement maybe makes it a bad idea to mount with it.
    Thanks for the suggestion! I will see what I can come up with and let you know. Cheers!

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