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After I have posted my DIY racingrig on the Project C.A.R.S forum, a few dozen have asked for the drawings, now I’m publishing it here for every one. Sorry there aren’t so many pictures but didn’t know it became a “guide”.


Last year I bought myself a great Logitech G27 steeringwheel. but soon I started to be jealous on all those racing rigs out there.

I found the expensive Playseat, where you almost are lying down as if it was a formel car or a le mans racer.

Its too expensive for my budget so started to mess around to see how I could build something like that.

First of I found a used, very cheap “racing” car seat.

I then tossed some wood together to find out the angles and placements of pedals, seat, and steeringwheel.


Alot of adjustments and replacing it over and over again made me think at a racingrig should be some though of adjustable.



I then began to draw it up in 3d, and quickly I figured out how it could be adjusted easily, within limits.

Here’s my initial 3d drawings:

racingseat4racingseat5 racingseat2 racingseat3

And with a 3d skeleton with my height, just to see if I got the dimensions correct.




Now that the design was defined, It was time to convert the 3d to actual wood.

I flattened the shapes and imported it to Qcad and then made them 1:1 scale. Saved it to pdfs and printed them as “posters”.

When doing so, it’s simple to lay them on MDF wood and tape them together and use it for cutting guidances.

2d  “A4 format” pdf’s print as posters:










When cutting two identical parts, its impossible to make them identical, but after cutting them, just align them next to each other and sand them into same shape.


Assembling and testing




And final touches

Paint, “floor”, holder for gearshift (only uses the buttons)






It even fits in the room when not using it.




7 thoughts on “DIY Playseat – racingrig”

  1. Nice rig.. .how about the rest of the pdf’s (holder for the pedals and steeringwheel) and other measurements (width, height etc)

  2. Hi Thomas,
    it most certainly is a nice rig. What are the overall dimensions (length, height, etc.) of the sidepart and wheelbase. I’m unable to print out the pdf’s as posters! 🙁



  3. If you look at the wireframe picture.
    Each square is 10x10cm, then you have an idea of scale.

    But you can print the pdf in a poster format. Its called “poster” in Adobes pdf reader.

  4. nice idea, because i have a bad lower lumbar due to bike accidents, my back favors the similar tilt back instead of 90 degree. thank you for the pdfs i been searching endless hours trying find something like this. its appreciated

  5. you’re welcome.

    I kinda wish I had some seat rails to move seat back and forward to fit others. It would be easier than adusting the screws for the pedal etc.

  6. Hi
    Can I use it as base of my simulator?!
    Many Thanks

    Can you please send me your email address or other way of contact, Facebook or something… Thanks

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