G27 Steeringwheel mod number two with Sugru


Well, the SRW-01 mod have done me well, but now I have worn down the plastic cover, and I even tried to glue it, but it’s not holding up.

So while im looking for a new used SRW-01 for sale somewhere, I’m trying to make a more solid steeringwheel with the use of the eletronics from the SRW-01.

I have researched alot and came up with the solution that I can only reuse the pcb print and connections.

So new supplys… buttons, actually 17 of them. All I could find was 25mm long where 20mm where sunken.



I have two options, either get a lasercut 5mm acryl or try to make it in a wood material.

Making a lasercut 5mm acryl is most costly, and takes some time to get i drwan correct and sent to the cutter. The result though might prettier, but alot can go wrong, if I somehow made a faulty drawing or altered the form along the way.

So I chosed wood, actually MDF

Its easier to work with, its cheap, and easier to do over again.

when reusing the electronics, the pcb actually sets the limits of size and button placements, and my goal is to make it a bit bigger than the original SRW-01 and more like the real thing.

Real formula wheels are about 28cm wide, so shall mine 🙂

I thought of reusing the handelbares but the contruction and the way they should be connected to MDF would not last, so a different aproach was needed. The handlebars should be part of the wood.

Designed it in 3d, made a 2d schematic for cutting.

001 002
Making all the edges round and nice, and drilling all the button holes.
and drilling out space for the pcb.
003 004
When all sanded down to a good result i painted it black, though in the end I will properly add Carbon look alike plastic wrap.
005 006
A days work, now it needs to dry….
will update this post in a week or so.
got time to som more work on this project.
Bought some carbonfiber laminating film, not that easy to apply around the narrow bends but the rubber handlebars will cover those.






And testing with buttons



All the wirings to the new buttons, had to remove all the old switches


The backplate


Result so far, now its testing time.




Final result with 12 pcs of 5gram Sugru bags on each handlebar.
It is sanded with corn 400 afterwards to give a kind of “eraser” feel.
Great grip.

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